Your 2016 Goal

Setting goals is always important when you're running a business, be it Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Yearly. In 2015 I made it my goal to work on my marketing, making my website more user friendly, adding blog posts, becoming more visible on social media and getting the name 'Luke Holroyd Photography' out there. Remember never forget the core of you business and services, the things that make your business successful, for me it's creating awesome images and remembering how important each wedding day is, this will always be my priority over the goals I set.  

I achieved most things I set out to do in 2015 and I thought I would set a new target for the year ahead and share my views on why I think you should too. Here's my 5 tips to help you set your own 2016 goals: 

    1    Goals Keep Your Business Fresh. Making it your goal to achieve, change, trying or attempting something new in your business will keep your business fresh to your audience and clients. Adding a blog or video to your business marketing creates more 'noise' and people are more likely to share and spread the word about new content. 

    2    Make it Achievable. There's nothing worse than failing, write down a few ideas of what would benefit you and your business in 2016. Evaluate which are achievable and bring the most rewards, but don't make it too easy for yourself!

    3    Work on your Goal All year. Start your new venture on January 1st and end it on December 31st. A year may seem a long time to put a lot of effort into one thing, but in a years time you should be an expert in the task you took on.

    4    Share Your Progress. It's not easy to commit to something when you have the basic day to day running of a business to deal with. If you share your progress with your audience via a blog or social media, it will motivate you to keep going and your audience will always give you words of encouragement.

    5    Help Others. To tackle your 2016 goal you may turn to Youtube, Online blogs or professionals in your field for advice and knowledge. No doubt when you reach the end of your goal you will have gained so much, consider giving back to your industry by sharing your knowledge and expertise with others.

So my goal for 2016 is to produce more video, so here's the first step in my journey: WATCH IN HD

Have you decided on a 2016 Goal? Did you achieve everything you set out to do in 2015?