2016... we made it half way

Erm... where did the last 6 months just go??!? It's been my busiest year as a wedding photographer and I've loved literally every second of it, I was actually trying to calculate the miles I had travelled but I think it may be impossible. Seriously, thank you to all the awesome Brides & Grooms, their family and friends and a special mention to Simon & Megan for assisting me on a fair few weddings. 

There's also an apology, yep I'm saying sorry, because I've been totally useless at replying to emails and generally all the admin jobs ( I think there's a job opportunity coming soon!) so if you've noticed how rubbish I am at emailing during the wedding season then a big sorry...but I have been creating awesome photographs of couples in love so it's ok :)! 

Finally, to everyone who reads, comments, likes and shares my work and all the regular visitors to the blogs a HUGE thank you. I hope the last 6 months have rocked for you, feel free to let me know what you've been up to, and I'm sure the next 6 months will be even better. See you all in the winter for the final round of of the year !

So here's some of my favourite shots from 2016 and there's a few unseen snaps to feast your eyes on as well! Make sure you share the love and feel free to drop a comment!