Capturing those perfect moments with just the Bride & Groom is my all-time favourite part of a Wedding. It takes time, experience and a lot of skill to perfect portraiture in photography and my approach has always been to capture natural & creative photographs of the Bride & Groom. 

Each week I will share one of my Wedding Images, sharing my tips on posing, how to encourage the couple with feedback and prompts and give an overview of my camera settings. 

Remember that each Wedding is different, I have a handful of posing ideas I use, each pose can lead to something different and unique. Capturing a perfect portrait is not always about posing, asking the Bride and Groom to kiss can lead to genuine laughter, that moment can create some of the best photographs of the day. 

This lovely portrait of Beth & Michael captured everything you would expect from a gorgeous wedding picture. With simple posing instructions and composition anyone can easily achieve a similar look & I guarantee your couples will love it. Firstly pick a backdrop that is fairly basic, avoid distractions, plain brick walls or large tree's & bushes work perfectly. Once you have the location, direct the groom to position himself first and face directly towards the camera, then ask the bride to step in front of him and slightly to the left or right. Encourage the couple to cuddle and snuggle and direct them to intertwine hands, if the shots are working then keep going ask them to hold the position but just change subtle things. Experiment with you depth of field, I personally love using a shallow depth of field to ensure the background isn't a distraction, also make sure the location and time of day offers an even light.