4 Ideas To Implement Into Your Wedding Photography

The next big idea or new approach to your portfolio doesn't have to be a drastic change, I'm always trying to add subtle changes to my photography and portfolio. You don't have to change the direction you're going, travel thousands of miles or buy new equipment, use your mind to add more creativity to your art. 

Create Sequences

When shooting weddings it's easy to get strung up on the 'single image' ideology rather than telling a story and documenting what is unfolding in front of you. Stick your camera on continuous shooting mode and go crazy.. I guarantee you will love the results and so will your clients. 

Creative Crops

If you always place your subjects in the centre of the frame or using the Rule of Thirds, then try adding more creativity to your crops. As photographers we're always reminded that we should be following the rules and traditional conventions, when we break those rules our work begins to stand out and become noticed. Challenge your own way of framing and cropping and unlock the potential of positive and negative space in your photographs. Even try chopping off the Grooms head! 

Add Curiosity

I love my job as a wedding photographer and I'm always looks to add playfulness and fun to my art. Shooting weddings can easily become a habit and you can find yourself falling into a routine, capturing the same thing at every wedding. Always keep your eyes open for creative shots, adding something unseen before whether that's in the genre you work in or just your own portfolio, it will certainly gain attention and interest from your audiences. I began caring less about avoiding 'me' featuring in the photographs - avoiding reflections, shadows etc and now I care more about creating personal and unique photographs and if that involves me or my hand or shadow, then so be it. 

Use Colour 

Ok, so colour is obviously all around us, but we sometimes take it for granted and even more so completely miss fantastic opportunities. Colour is fantastic, it's everywhere and colours even change our moods, be conscious about colour in your photography. There are plenty of opportunities to be creative with colour, be it a painted wall, funky wallpaper, tonal ranges and of course props.