5 Things I've Learned from Blogging

Starting a blog is a little like that Marmite saying; you really do either love the idea of it or you hate it. Those negative opinions usually come from not having the time, lacking confidence in your writing ability, absolutely no idea what to blog about or you underestimate how beneficial a blog can be to your business. 

Don't worry, I hate Marmite and not so long ago I couldn't think of anything more stressful than writing a blog and committing myself to write three blog posts a week. I'm sure many of you will be sitting in a similar position now and one of the reasons above probably relates to you. Explaining the benefits of blogging will be a post I write in the coming weeks, for now I wanted to share five things I've learned personally from being a photographer and creative resources blogger. 

Finding a Niche Gave Me a Huge Springboard

Photography & the Wedding Market is hugely saturated and when I started my Wedding Photography Business I knew I would have to try and offer something a little bit different and establish myself in the industry. It was the same principal for my blog, there are plenty of blogs out there that offer wedding photography tips and rather than me follow the trend, I created a blog that not only offers photo tips but also gives my own advice and experiences on business and marketing that can be useful to so many businesses and not just photographers. Find your niche, offer more valuable content than is already out there and share your own unique voice and personality.

Where I Found My Audience 

Once you have addressed who your audience is, you need to find where they already 'hang out' when they're surfing the internet, knowing this will help you grow your audience. Many people search for photography and business tips on Google, Pinterest and Forums so that's where I try and expose my own content and make those all important connections with my audience. It's no overnight success, you will have to keep revisiting those channels and eventually, with strong content, those readers will come back to your site. 

Attracting more Followers was Key

You're probably on with the task of trying to build your audiences up on social media platforms, now that's important, but you should also be considering how you are going to build up your email list with followers. Whilst social media is a useful tool, only a small majority of people may see your posts, but an email with one of your latest blog posts landing in your readers inbox is far more valuable. Offering something for free or just posting unique and engaging content will start to build that following. 

I Began Working with other People

The creative industry and many other industries have large friendly communities. Reaching out to these people through conversation and networking can be very successful, cross promoting and guest-blogging is vital when it comes to a successful blog, so make sure you seek allies. Don't be afraid to return the favour, writing a piece for another blog is a perfect way of not only driving links back to your site but it builds up relationships in your industry and can easily generate more work. 

I Made the Blog Look Awesome

Content is always king when it comes to blogging, but don't underestimate the power of your blog's appearance and the imagery you use. Whether you're blogging about Photography, Fashion, Food Recipes or Business Tips, beautifully styled imagery is inspiring to readers and will certainly grow your audience. Even with just an iPhone or basic DSLR to hand you can create some fantastic photographs for your blog, make sure you search the web for tips and even ask a photographer to teach you the basics.

Can you share 5 tips for blogging newbies?  Have you recently started Blogging and have a question?