Before & Afters : Lisa & James #3

Ever since I started studying photography I was immensely fascinated with the editing process in photography. For me, the whole bit in between snapping an image to the final print was the juicy bit I wanted to get my hands on and what really got my creative juices flowing. Nobody ever sees the original image or what goes on when the image is in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop and photographers are usually sceptical about letting us take a peek. I certainly was that guy who went digging to find what was going on behind the scenes. So to satisfy anyone who is like me and loves seeing what an image started as, I'm sharing my Raw Image/Files with anyone who wants to see them and to satisfy those who want to try editing the images in their own style โ€“ youโ€™re free to work your magic, just make sure you share your results! 

Here's the third instalment of The Before & Afters. This shot of Lisa & James is one of my favourites from their wedding day.

As soon as you download this image you will think to yourself, I haven't really changed much in post production. Although I'm first to confess I'm a bit of a post production geek, sometimes I know the image does most of the talking, so I often only make subtle changes to the RAW file. The raw image provides you with the core ingredients you need to make an awesome image in post production; good composition, an exposed image, and a connection with your subjects. By now you probably know how most of my images look after post production but if you don't, this image is the perfect example. In Adobe Lightroom I take my RAW files, punch up the exposure and go crazy with my contrast slider. I add my own presets and ensure that my highlights and shadows are perfect. 

I'm excited to see what you can come up with, have a go at downloading the file and adding your own take on the image. Notice I haven't cropped the image much, my composition is straight out of the camera so you may want to experiment. Don't be afraid to make changes to the image and don't forget to email your results to