Why I Started Blogging

The last 15 weeks of blogging have been a fantastic experience for me, and I've been slightly surprised with how many of you have asked for tips to start your own blog. I don't claim to know everything as I'm still relatively new to the blogging scene,  but I'm happy to share what I know with anyone who is interested. 

Hopefully you've enjoyed the resources and advice I've offered so far and there is plenty more to come, but for now if you're interested in learning a little bit more about why I blog, this post is for you! 

1. My Love of Blogs

My first year after I graduated from University consisted of me finding somewhere to live back in Leeds, continuing my part time job working for a well know cocktail establishment, assisting wedding photographers (usually for free), building my new business and like everyone else earning enough to live from. How I managed to achieve this is beyond belief, and if given the chance I would certainly go about it a different way. 

In the very rare occasion that I would find a spare five minutes I loved reading blogs, from photography, design, arts and even fitness. I naively attempted to start blogging whilst trying to concentrate on all my other jobs, and as you can imagine, it wasn't successful. I had no clear aim of what I wanted to blog about, some weeks it would be 'The amazing omelette’ we'd cooked for dinner, others would be a weekend away in Amsterdam. For the small audience I had, they were probably the most random and boring posts they had ever seen. 

2. Deciding What To Blog

I've always included a blog on my websites, blogging for me was sharing my recent wedding which I still do and even though it comes under the header 'Blog' on my website, it's more of an online gallery. This is still a very important aspect to my website, but I may only add one or two 'Wedding Blogs' a month, which meant audiences didn't regularly return to see what was new. 

A few months before I started the Creative Resources and Advice Blog, I was hooked on Blogs like Rock n Roll Bride, Chase Jarvis and PhotoJoJo - each one is completely different from the other. Rock n Roll Bride shares awesome wedding galleries and tips & tricks for brides-to-be, Chase Jarvis blogs about the photography industry, gear and his lifestyle and finally PhotoJoJo shares cool posts about unique photography gear and creative tips and tricks. 

I wanted create a Blog that caters for Brides-to-be, Hobbyist Photographers and Professional Creatives. Having three target audiences all visiting one blog for most people would be seen as a quick way to kill your blog, but I knew if the content had a relevance to most people it could have the potential to succeed. 

3. Starting from Scratch

With a clear goal insight, I know could start a new blog. I landed on the name 'Creative Resources & Advice', it's no way the most flamboyant name and you're probably thinking 'Wow, I bet that didn't take long to think of' and you're right. I wanted a name that simply says everything the blog has to offer and it to be a place that encourages the community in photography and the wedding industry. I started meeting and chatting to other creatives, organising informal meetings to talk about how they blog, pick their brains for advice and arranging for them to guest blog. 

I also had to generate some hype around my blog, I was in the fortunate position that I added the new blog to my existing website. Keeping the content linked into my wedding photography allowed me to promote to my existing audience via social media, word of mouth and the small subscriber list I had at the time. 

3. Moving Forward

So here we are at week 15, I've certainly learned a lot about myself, blogging and how bad I can be at spelling, more importantly I've learned so much about you the audience. I've yet to alter the direction in which the blog is going and each category receives a huge amount of praise and interaction. 

I'm excited to see how the blog grows over the next few months, I have so many creatives and professionals in the wedding industry who are getting on board and sharing their own experience and tips on the blog as well as hopefully sharing more of my own skills and resources with you. 

If you want to see how the blog grows over the coming months and be the first to read new posts, bob your details in the subscriber box below. I won't spam you with emails, you'll receive one email every Sunday evening with all the information of the latest blog posts. 

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