Capturing those perfect moments with just the Bride & Groom is my all-time favourite part of a Wedding. It takes time, experience and a lot of skill to perfect portraiture in photography and my approach has always been to capture natural & creative photographs of the Bride & Groom. 

Each week I will share one of my Wedding Images, sharing my tips on posing, how to encourage the couple with feedback and prompts and give an overview of my camera settings. 

Remember that each Wedding is different, I have a handful of posing ideas I use, each pose can lead to something different and unique. Capturing a perfect portrait is not always about posing, asking the Bride and Groom to kiss can lead to genuine laughter, that moment can create some of the best photographs of the day. 

Some wedding venues require you to take the Bride & Groom away from the reception venue and their guests for 20 - 30 minutes to take advantage of the awesome backdrops that surround the venue. Once you know these locations and I would always advise to scout the location before hand (even if it's the morning of the wedding) that way you will be more confident and have a plan of action when it comes to the formal portraits of the couple on their wedding day.

For this gorgeous and fun shot of Nic & Chris I placed them side by side and asked them each to take a step away from each other. I firstly ensured Nic's dress was hanging perfectly, I always start with ensuring the dress looks amazing before I begin posing the couple. To add some fun into the shot I used a regular pose where the bride holds the bouquet and 'rocks' it up in the air. In this case I asked Chris the groom to grab the bouquet and do the same thing, you're guaranteed to capture genuine laughter and a little element of embarrassment which makes for an awesome photograph. You may find it easier asking the bride to do this pose before then asking the groom, you can even add an element of competition by asking the bride & groom to do their best 'rock the bouquet' look.  For alternative shots you can ask the bride and groom to look at each other or add movement by asking the groom to jump in the air.. the crazier the better!