15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Photography Website

Today I'm sharing 15 simple steps you can do to drive more visitors to your photography website. I constantly find myself telling other creatives and beginners to generate excitement and buzz around their work and it's no different with their website. Your audience is one of the most important aspects of a creative business, they use your services, recommended your business to friends and family and  take an interest in what you do. That's why it's important that your audience keep engaged with your website and they are encouraged to return on a regular basis. 

So, today I am sharing 15 simple tips that can effectively drive traffic back to your photography or creative website. Remember these ideas can be adapted, used together and built upon to generate excitement around your services and website. It's also important that you know your target audience before you build or adapt your website, I would encourage you to read my '5 Tips to Consider Before You Build/Buy a Website' before you tackle driving traffic to your website. 

1. Give Something Away For Free Everybody loves free stuff. Giving something away that is relevant to your work, it doesn't have to be physical, giving away your knowledge and advice is a great way to attract new audiences. This will not only drive your current audience to you website but also non-followers. 

2. Ask For Feedback & Reviews What is it your audience loves about your current website & what would they love to see more of? Consider creating a survey or encouraging your audience to leave comments to find out the answers.

3. Generate Hype Around A New Offering If you plan to add something new to your photography, be it wedding albums, a new package, or a new feature, it will no doubt attract your audience back to your photography site. If you want to drive even more traffic, start to generate hype before you release the new product / service. Use social media to your advantage by sharing behind the scenes and sneak previews.

4. Utilise Twitter Hashtags The Networking opportunities on social media, especially Twitter, are something you should grab by the horns. You may consider starting your own hashtag, but alternatively there are plenty of existing hashtags you can jump onboard with. 'Twitter Hours' happen each day every week and are great for networking and sharing your work. Some of my personal favourites are #Yorkshirehour & #Weddinghour - and there's plenty more: List of Twitter Hours

5. Make Changes To Your Site Rebranding is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and will certainly bring you results. If you haven't got the time or finances to rebrand, making subtle changes to your website is still a brilliant tool. Consider updating the arrangement of images on your homepage each month, audiences will be more likely to stick around on your site if they see it has changed and more likely to re visit to be the first to see the changes. Remember to generate hype around the changes to generate excitement.

6. Network If you read my latest post 'Start Networking Face to Face, it works!' you will know how highly I regard networking. Networking was one of the biggest tools I maximised when starting my business and I still continue to network now, it's not only a fantastic way to reach new audiences in your community and gain trust but also a brilliant way to build relationships and create a database of talented businesses and creatives in your area. 

7. Seek Free Advertising Advertising is highly regarded in the creative industry and there are plenty of ways to maximise a budget to really drive traffic to your website. Although for most creatives and photographers there may be only a small or non existing budget for advertising.  You can still advertise without a budget; social media is largely free to advertise and when maximised to its full potential with some effective marketing can be a brilliant source of driving traffic. Also consider local advertising: notice boards, local newspapers and online directories.  

8. Create Video Video is fast becoming the dominant force on social media, it's a great to way to engage with your audience and drive that traffic back to your website. Use a video to showcase your work, introduce yourself to your audience or show new visitors around your site.  If you're interested in getting to know me and how I used video: Meet Luke - Creative Wedding Photographer in Yorkshire

9. Share Your Knowledge Using your website to share your experience and knowledge of the industry provides useful information to creatives and is more likely to be shared on social media, giving away free advice is a one way ticket to you gaining a larger audience.

10. Become Featured In The News Often local and regional Newspapers are willing to feature your story and images. If you have a personal project that has links with the area the papers feature it's certainly worth getting in contact with them. In my early career as a photographer I captured a series of portraits on War Veteran Simon Brown, my local newspaper were more than happy to feature the work: Click Here. 

11. Make Goals Make one of these 15 ideas a goal for your photography business. If you read my recent blog 'Your 2016 Goal' you will know that setting goals is always important when you're running a business, be it Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Yearly. Set yourself a goal and share it with your audience, vistors will be intrigued to see your progression and your end result.  

12. Build Up Testimonials & Reviews Audiences that trust you and your work are more likely to visit your website and buy your services. Don't be afraid to ask your previous clients to leave reviews, introduce incentives to encourage them to do so.  

13. Enter Competitions Many competitions online require your audience to vote for your images, people who follow your work will generate excitement  around it. Any features or succesfull competitions will drive more traffic to your photography site. 

14. Host Events Hosting events such as training courses, seminars and workshops not only helps your audience gain trust in you and your skills but attracts new followers and creatives in your industry. The more people appreciate your skills and work the more likely they are to visit your website. 

15. Guest Blog Sharing your work, skills and knowledge on other websites gives you the platform to connect with a brand new audience. Ensure that any guest posts link back to your own website. If you want to read who has guest Blogged on my site, head over to: Guest Blog Posts


Which tips have you found most helpful? Do you have any tips for driving traffic to your website?