Field Test: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera

Wedding Photography is all about creating amazing photographs for couples, sure images with gorgeous light, tones, composition and mood certainly help along with a good DSLR or even a mirrorless camera. But ignoring all that good stuff for a minute, the most important thing comes down to creating awesome memories for the couple and their guests. My job as a wedding photographer isn't being good with my camera settings, although that is kind of needed, it's capturing those moments, moods and delivering that emotion through image making. 

So getting back to the field test, as a wedding photographer this is why I love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and why it never leaves my side during weddings. It allows me to create instant memories that couples and their guests will cherish. Scroll on to read more about why I love this polaroid camera and how I use it! 

What actually is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90? Well if you're not aware of these super awesome cameras, then you've probably been living under a rock the last couple of years. The Fujifilm Instax Camera is a spin on the old Polaroid cameras, providing instant prints from the camera body, let's be honest who doesn't love vintage & retro polaroids? The Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic is a premium, fully-fledged camera design that sets itself apart from the "cute" image projected by its predecessors. Designed for a vintage look, it features a variety of photography modes allowing more freedom, control and creativity in your photography.

The camera also has a host of shooting modes, this is much more than a point & shoot camera, settings such Landscape, Macro, Party & Portrait modes allow you to take back some of that control the old school Polaroid cameras lacked. You actually have some control over what image the camera creates and prints, with the added bonus of being able to under/over expose and choose whether the flash (which is brilliant) fires or not. 

Furthermore, the Mini 90 actually looks the part, it's vintage look and black and chrome finish means it can sit in your camera bag or around your neck with a DSLR and not look out of place. I take the Mini 90 to 99% of the weddings I capture and I feel comfortable having it with me and I'm always conscious about looking proffesional at weddings! 

Creating memories and capturing stories is why I pick up a camera every day and anything that helps me implement that into my business or in this case, camera bag, I'm going to jump at. The Instax Mini 90 uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant colour film, a credit-card sized colour film, that prints instantly. This camera not only creates lasting memories, it's also a guaranteed conversation starter at weddings, guests love receiving a physical photograph that is tangible and a little bit retro.. and we have the digital age to thank for this. We are all too aware that many of us don't print enough photographs so when someone is given something unique and personal like a polaroid, you're guaranteed they will love it. 

Aside from the prints being mega cool and retro, they're surprisingly good quality. I was expecting from a camera that costs around £100 to produce average photographs but they're actually really good quality. That being said, the exposure can sometimes be a little hit and miss but you can have some say over the exposure with the Lighter & Darker modes in the menus. The L, L+ and D modes allow you to adjust the brightness of your photo. It is possible to add a soft touch to the photo by making the colour tone brighter. In the L mode, you can make the skin look more beautiful in a portrait photo. There's also some more cool menu settings, the Instax Mini 90 can capture beautiful images in the normal mode, but by changing the shooting mode, you can add more attractive effects to your photos. 

  • Macro mode brings a subject 30 to 60 cm away from the lens into focus, yielding a beautiful close-up photo. If the subject is at a distance shorter than the minimum focusing distance from the lens, it may be out of focus.
  • Kids mode is suitable for taking a photo of a child or animal quickly moving around in a room or under cloudy skies. The shutter speed is increased, reducing blurring of images.

  • Party mode is perfect for capturing party shots at weddings & when using the flash in a darkened room, the background in a photo may look completely black. In the party mode, the light amount of the flash is adjusted according to the brightness in the room, making the background in the photo brighter.

  • Landscape mode makes a scenic photo more impressive, It shows a subject 3 meters or more away from the camera sharply.

  • Double Exposure mode of Instax Mini 90 is a new feature previous models do not have. In this mode, by releasing the shutter once for one scene and again for another, you can superimpose two different images to create a single creative photo. Perfect for getting creative with your wedding portraits! 

The Instax Mini 90 is a perfect addition to any wedding photographer's camera bag, solely for it being a conversation starter and bringing a smile to peoples faces, it's worth carrying with you. The only negative I can draw from the field test is the Polaroid film can become costly if you're going through it quickly, but I doubt anyone would have thought this would be cheap? It works out around £0.75 per print so you have to limit how many you take and give out during weddings, I usually shoot 10 to 20 shots per wedding. 

Here's a few final points on why I love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90: 

  • The camera looks the part and the retro feel is perfect for wedding photographers. 
  • It's a fantastic conversation starter with wedding guests. 
  • People love receiving a physical print & are are more likely to remember you. 
  • The range of shooting modes make the Instax more than a basic polaroid camera. 
  • It's a great camera to throw in your bag on your travels. 

Where to buy: You can buy the Instax Mini 90 over on Amazon  you can also purchase the film from Amazon.

If you want more information, take a look at the Instax Mini 90 website! 

Do you shoot with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90? Would you consider buying one for your camera bag?