Field Test: Business Cards from

Business cards, business cards, where do I start? With the most over saturated photography industry to date mixed with the vast amount of budget printing companies offering business card printing at very affordable prices, you would be excused for thinking business cards don’t really have a place in the creative industry like they used to.

Not many of us carry a portfolio around with us these days and whilst an iPad or iPhone can be a handy back up to have in you pocket/bag it can look somewhat unprofessional showing a potential client or business your portfolio on a small mobile screen. Of course a business card doesn't answer your need to show them your portfolio, but it does give you the opportunity to hand them something tangible and a lasting impression that will hopefully take them to your website or lead them to pick up the phone and call you. 

All that being said, if you hand someone a cheap low budget business card, there’s a good chance it will end up in a drawer or back pocket never to be seen again. I get handed hundreds of low cost business cards that end up in my back pocket, by the time I get home, the print and paper has started to rub off, not only leaving that horrible crumbly mess in my pocket but also a completely useless business card. 

Well the guys over at MOO.COM sent across some awesome business cards to show how awesome creative business cards can look and why they still have value in the creative industry. 



MOO.COM has some serious design options, whether you’re tech savvy or just want something you can add your information to, the guys over there have everything and the process couldn't be easier. If you’re wanting to upload your own design with an Adobe Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator template they have all that information here. Alternatively you can use their own design and there are plenty of useful tips here to help you get started and to ensure you have the correct information for uploading your own design they have a handy FAQ page.

Whether you go for your own design or you choose their templates you’re going to need an image that makes that initial impact to your potential clients. Go for a design/image that speaks volumes about your business and style. I personally love wedding snaps that are a little unusual and stand apart from the ‘traditional’ wedding photographs. I want potential brides & grooms to instantly notice that my work has something different to the saturated market.  



You have a good choice if you’re using MOO.COM for your business card design, as they have a vast range of textures and weight for your business cards. The main three consist of ORIGINAL, SUPER & LUXE. But I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Luxe cards and I don’t think there’s anything to beat it. For me the feel of the card is just as important as the image, handing over a business card that has a high quality card stock and fine texture instantly portrays to people that you take pride in your businesses appearance and that your work, in this case photography, will be of the same standard. Luxe business cards are 600gsm, which means they pack the perfect professional punch, right from your wallet! 

When uploading your images, which are most likely shot with digital cameras, they are normally set to a default RGB colour space (sRGB is the most common) however MOO prints in CMYK. Not to worry, they’ll convert them to CMYK using their own profile, which compensates for the paper and finish of each product.

Remember: where possible, preview and edit your photographs in CMYK. Colours displayed on screen will always look much brighter and more vibrant than the final printed products, so you may need to compensate for this when editing your images. If you have a colour calibrated screen, and would like to preview or upload your images in the same CMYK colorspace MOO uses, they recommend the following settings: Coated FOGRA 39.


Adding the information kind of speaks for itself, you need to include all the relevant information but don’t over kill with too much. For me I grabbed one of’s templates to add my details to, make sure you include the usual name, job description, website, email and phone number. There’s other added information you can add such as your social media profiles and address, just be careful of that overkill. I suggest taking a peek at the design templates on Even if you plan to design the front of your business card you might be surprised and save yourself a ton of time with the vast amount of detail templates they have to offer. 


You can find a detailed price list online at MOO, the price varies from which business cards and quantity you choose to how speedy you require them via delivery. The great thing for the consumers is the business card industry is a very competitive one so many of the leading companies are always offering great deals and competitive prices. I found the prices over at MOO very very reasonable and the quick delivery was awesome, of course there are cheaper alternatives out there but you need to weigh up the quality of those budget business cards. Always try out a few companies before you go ahead and order a large quantity.

If you're still not convinced to update your business cards or give a try then you can order their FREE sample packs here!