Learn Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts with KB Covers

There's a whole host of editing software out there for photographers, whether you’re a beginner or professional I can pretty much guarantee there are always a few handy shortcuts you can learn to speed up your workflow. One of my favourite editing suites is Adobe's Lightroom software, it's a piece of software I use heavily with my wedding photography post processing and is one of the most popular out there on the market. As with all of Adobe's software there are a whole host of shortcuts you can use and if you're new to digital processing it can be a little daunting trying to learn them all... but there's a great piece of kit that will help you learn and it's very affordable for any photographer or students. 


KB Covers offer a range of keyboard covers that are designed to help you learn the shortcuts on applications like Photoshop, In-Design, Lightroom and many many more. There's also the added bonus that the covers also add some protection to your Apple Keyboard or Macbook... you can now eat and edit at the same time without clogging those keys up with crumbs.. never mind those coffee spills...bonus! 

The Lightroom Keyboard Cover is an ultra-thin form-fitting keyboard cover that does not affect typing ability or speed, and includes popular shortcuts color-coded -- including important tools, rating options and stack management functions – right on the keys. So you spend more time with your photos and less time learning and memorizing program shortcut keys!


Personally, if you're just starting out with software such as Lightroom I would highly recommend grabbing a KB Cover, the time you will save learning shortcuts will speed up your editing work flow. If you're a student then a few weeks using a KB Cover will certainly make you look the wiz in class when you can show off your Lightroom shortcuts.