Why your marketing hasn’t worked By Stewart Leahy

Super excited to be featuring another great guest blog post from The Design Mechanics & Stewart Leahy who have 20 years of website design, branding, growth and digital marketing – they're not just the experts, they're the industry-leaders in experience too. I've attended many of the Growth & Marketing bootcamps run by Stewart and the Design Mechanics and I would highly recommended to any creative business or any business owner for that matter! Let's get straight into Stewart's expert blog post: 

"Because I’m a blunt kind of guy I’m going to tell you up-front why your marketing isn’t working. It’s because you are not doing it.

Now, before you say to me ‘well done Stewart, but that’s blindingly obvious’ let me expand: the problem is that you THINK you are doing it. You’ve made a plan, you’ve identified who you want to target, you have a brochure and you might be even be sending some emails out – but the devil is not in the detail, it is in the doing.

Most businesses do not fail because they lack a plan, they fail because of poor implementation of that plan. Grand ideas become watered-down token actions as motivation evaporates… the real threat to your business is not your competition, it is the status quo.

Your sales and marketing strategy should never be set in stone. It should be flexible enough to take advantage of new opportunities that come along; it’s far too easy to get distracted by new ideas instead of seeing through the fundamental actions you have already committed to – and by ‘fundamental’ I mean implementing the ideas and strategies that will fundamentally change your business.

‘Commitment’ is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has passed and it may be that your role as a business owner or manager is not to try and implement these strategies yourself. The success of many businesses has come about not by a one-man army but a motivated team working towards a focused goal where everyone is accountable.

Often, our role as an agency is to make sure fundamental strategies are implemented ‘long after the mood the client said them in has passed’ – to create a drumbeat that we know the client would likely not keep to if we were not holding them accountable. After all, the success and growth of my company depends on the success and growth of our clients.

So take a look at all the unfulfilled ideas and strategies you’ve had over the past twelve months. Did they fail because they were ‘poor’ ideas, or just because you didn’t have the motivation, expertise or courage to properly see them through?"

More about Stewart Leahy and The Design Mechanics:

Stewart Leahy is the Design Mechanics sales and marketing guru, having worked his way up from the ground floor in the sales and marketing industry he is now the go-to man if you want to generate more sales enquiries for your company.

Stewart is a regular presenter on sales, marketing and business growth for a number of organisations including the Chamber of Commerce, national trade bodies, blue chip organisations and is an appointed business mentor for the Government’s New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) scheme.

Stewart’s presentation style of “telling it like it is” makes for both an entertaining and valuable lesson in marketing – if you would like Stewart to talk at your event or business group call him on 01484 841 088.

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