When do Photographers Post on Social Media

A question I am often asked is when do I post on Facebook, how do I receive high organic results and how some of my posts have more engagement than others. I found my own optimal times to post on Social Media as a Wedding Photographer based on my own experience. There are plenty of studies out there which can provide you with more stats and figures for what time and day is best to post on Social Media. 

So who is the client for a professional Wedding Photographer in Leeds? On average my clients are couples in their 20's & 30's, work through the day and are based anywhere in the United Kingdom. 

Every Social Media platform is different but my prime time to reach my audience is from 7pm on an evening. Here's a round up of when I post on Social Media. 


I try to post every day on my Facebook Page. I always post an image and text, as photography is a visual business, fans of my page expect to be seeing regular Wedding Images. I find that the best time to post is 7.30pm, most couples are back home, finishing their Dinner and chatting about their upcoming Wedding. 


I try to post on twitter every day, I'm a big fan of retweeting Blogs, News and Personal Thoughts, so even if I'm short on Wedding content, I can still be active. I find Tweets to be most optimal between midday and 4pm on a weekday. 


LinkedIn is the opposite to Facebook & Twitter for me, I find posts first thing in the morning to be very successful. When I had an office job I jumped on LinkedIn just before 9am to catch up with what's going on in the business world.


Instagram is the total odd ball for me. Research suggests Monday's are the best day, but for me I post on Instagram when I have some good behind the scenes content, a recent Wedding Blog or some product shots of my photography prints. 


I try use Snapchat on a daily basis, if I'm in the office all day it probably doesn't make great content but using a mixture of Stills & Video of my editing process, the Wedding Venue, meetings and new camera gear really does! 


I regularly update Pinterest with my latest Weddings and products. For me, Pinterest falls into the same category as Facebook, updating my Wedding Pinterest boards around 7/8pm on an evening delivers the best engagement. 

Do you have any Social Media top tips? How do you make your content appealing & engaging?