The Real Bride Diaries: Introducing Lucy & Danny

I'm mega excited to be announcing a new piece of content to the Creative Resources & Advice blog. Over the last few years I have met so many awesome Brides-to-be, seen them plan fantastic weddings and organise wedding days that really do take some serious planning. So I thought how better to share that experience than follow a bride-to-be on her journey from saying YES! to marrying her fiancee and saying I DO!. So if you're just about to start planning a wedding or you're still waiting for your partner to pop the question, this real bride diaries blog may just be the thing for you. I'm excited to be following Lucy's adventures and see how she goes about planning an awesome wedding. So enough from me, here's Lucy's first post as a the new 'real bride':

Just a City Boy & A Small Town Girl

I believed love at first sight was something you only see in the movies and occasionally while shopping online. 

Cliché as it sounds, this is the case for Danny and myself (and perhaps a couple of shoes along the way).

We met through a neutral friend at a Chinese buffet in Manchester. I remember thinking “he’s rather cute” and we just clicked!

However, our story isn’t very straight forward, after all Danny was in a relationship and I was a year away from moving to Bristol University. This love story had to be placed on hold.

Many months had passed as we both went in different directions. It wasn’t until one faithful night we went dancing with our friends into the early Manchester morning (a night at the Ritz followed by the famous chips and cheese to be precise). We both gave each other amazing energy and we bounced off each other’s humour.

We spent a lot of time together and a relationship naturally formed. 

Danny was a Games student at MMU Manchester university and I was a Fashion student at Chester. It was time for me to continue my studies and move to Bristol. Moving day came and I found myself sat in my studio apartment, waiting for Danny to arrive and spend the weekend with me.

The dreaded day came where reality had to kick in and Danny was to go back to Manchester. We didn’t want to part and out of no where Danny suggested moving to Bristol to finish his studies. I remember my heart pounding and shouting yes! This was the start of our adventure.

True to his word he moved to Bristol. A crazy move considering our relationship was only young, but the heart wants what it wants. We knew it felt right and I guess our hunch paid off! 7 years later, we are both living together in Manchester (no offence Bristol you beaut), and we are happily planning our wedding day. 

I look forward to sharing my wedding planning tips and advice with you. From the proposal, writing the table plan, choosing a photographer and importantly what to do when shopping for the dress. I will cover all areas and even share some of my DIY tips!


Lucy X