The Real Bride Diaries: The Proposal

They say it never sleeps..

Every proposal is unique; it says something about the character of the relationship. From hidden engagement rings in your desert (may need a lick clean before wearing), or a whisper in your ear under the stars.. Each couple has their own story and I will tell you mine.

Danny always knew of my fondness of New York, and as a Birthday treat we decided we would finally go together. We planned it all, from visiting the Empire state Building, strolling through central park and grabbing as much pizza as our bellies can handle (food being the priority). 

The moment we arrived, we jumped into a yellow cab and our story began. We immediately dumped our bags in the hotel and took to the New York streets. It felt like home away from home and I’m glad Danny got the chance to see why I am so fascinated with the city!

People ask me if I knew Danny was going to propose, my reply- after being with someone for 7 years you get to know them inside out, and the fact he carried his rucksack everywhere and he NEVER carries a bag… (I should have been a private detective).

It was July 5th, the weather was insanely hot and we decided to visit central park. We chose a spot near the lake and sat on the grass. A few minutes had passed and Danny started to rummage in his backpack. My heart started to race, this is it, he’s going to ask me, that or he’s getting a drink.. Thankfully he pulled out a large black box, not a ring sized box, it was sealed with bow. After handing it to me I began to open, once I lifted the lid I revealed a Polly Pocket. (Remember these? Ahh they were my favourite toys during my childhood). I opened the Polly Pocket, the theme inside was a church aisle with a Bride, a Groom, a Bridesmaid and a written note. The note read “Will you marry me?”, I looked at Danny, giggled and whispered yes. After all we were in the middle of central park! He then reached back into his backpack and revealed my engagement ring. (told you the backpack was a given). It was beautiful, a stunning vintage, art deco inspired design.

We have been dating for many years, and for some couples you just know it’s going to happen, but when? I have teased Danny over the years, saying we aren’t getting any younger. But listen ladies (and gents) there is a reason why they haven’t proposed yet, maybe it’s not just the right time financially or perhaps they want to keep you on your toes! But whatever the reason, you have to trust in them. I am glad we waited, we are now at a point where we are comfortable in life, we both have careers we want and are at a point where we can afford to plan a wedding. Dare I say it, Danny knows best?!

So, back to the 5th July- 

Status: Engaged

Location: New York City

Weather: Too hot to handle

So, how did we celebrate you ask? A champagne dinner at the Ritz? How about Dominos pizza? Now that’s certainly a celebration! We grabbed a pizza, took it back to the hotel room and toasted (with slices) to our future together. Now that’s the perfect end to a perfect day.

To those planning a proposal, I wish you all the luck in the world and don’t worry, they will say yes!

Lucy X