Real Bride Diaries: Picking the Perfect Venue

I believe your wedding venue should show your personality as a couple. After all, it is your wedding day and you are both expressing how much you love one another, make sure it reflects who you are! It could be a sandy beach abroad, a grand manor home, or simply in your own back yard!

Last year my Sister, Naomi and my Brother, Charles married their partners.(Shout out to Naomi, Jay, Charles and Laura!). Their venues really show cased their personal style. My Sister, Naomi and Jay were married in a church with the ceremony performed by Jay’s Mum, who happens to be a vicar! The church was decorated with vintage bunting and shabby chic touches. Their wedding breakfast showcased my sister’s obsession with Disney (truly more than an obsession I’d say!), with each table assigned a Disney theme. From the Little Mermaid with the table covered in shells, to Aladdin decorated with genie style lamps. Even their wedding cake had a touch of Disney! A crafty touch!

My Brother, Charles and Laura married in a Church close to their families with their wedding breakfast held in a Cheshire manor home. The Manor home was surrounded with bright flowers adorned in sunshine through out the whole day. Not forgetting the sheep next door! Their decorations were simple and classy, with a defined colour palate of turquoise. The party then made its way over to an outdoor barn, and the dancing certainly never stopped (especially with my requests for Journey and Bon Jovi).

Both different locations, but non the less a perfect day for each couple! When it came to choosing my own wedding venue, I knew what I wanted from the day Danny proposed. I love the industrial look, especially since Danny and I currently live in an old textile factory. (I am slightly obsessed with wooden beams and brick walls). I wanted the venue to stay in Manchester, as this is Danny’s home town and it is an ideal location for both families travelling to the city. With a low budget in mind, and being surrounded by hotels offering a typical wedding service, I felt stuck- could there be my ideal venue in Manchester? The Castelfield Rooms offered a location with perfect outdoor areas for shoots and fireworks, but I felt inside the venue was too modern. It needed some industrial injection and less white walls. To some this could be the perfect blank canvas to decorate!

Countless hotels offered combined deals, but I felt they didn’t suit our personality. I wanted something custom made to us, unique, not something they have already offered to hundreds of couples before us. I wanted an old abandoned warehouse, a location I can decorate with fairylights, candles and bunting, but this was harder to find than I thought! I gave up on my search for while to re-think our options.

A few weeks later, by chance I came across Victoria Warehouse, a venue known for their music events. They have recently built a venue/ hotel next door for weddings and other occasions. I immediately booked a viewing and as soon as we saw the venue we both knew this was exactly what we were after. (Even sat in the reception waiting to meet the wedding director, I knew this was the place). The look was perfect, brick walls, high beams, dim lighting, this is exactly how I pictured our big day! (Plus they allow Wilson, our little pug!)

Despite being the only venue we saw in person, we booked it straight away. I couldn’t help it! They knew exactly what we were after and I felt at ease.

If you already have an idea of your perfect venue but struggle to find it, don’t give up hope, have a rest and start again. You will always find a venue with a characteristic you love just as much as your husband/ bride to be! Remember to show your personality, this is your big day you can be as big and bold or as traditional as your imagination takes you. Make it a day to remember!

Lucy X