Real Bride Diaries: Who to capture those perfect moments?

"Choosing your wedding photographer can be just as important as choosing the dress itself. You need to feel comfortable, confident and ensure it fits perfectly.

There are so many types of photographers out there and it is important to get to know them as a person and to see their previous work. I knew I wanted something different, to stray away from the traditional and enter a world of excitement and intrigue...

Little did I know some wedding photographers can cost a good chunk of your wedding fund. With their different packages and offers how can you decide who is right for you, who will make the effort to understand your requests as a couple and who is in it just for the money?

Trust is hard to give especially as a bride, when you want your day to run without a hitch and for everything to be right on time. (Particularly when you’re like me, with countless note books, diaries and sticky notes). You want to make sure the photographer/s are on the same wave length, even suggesting creative ideas which make your tummy flip! That's exactly what we found with Luke.

Thanks to my Mum (shout out to Beverley!), she sent me the link to Luke's website. She knew what I was looking for, non traditional, quirky, imaginative, something you would see in a Vogue Magazine centre fold. I looked at Luke’s website and immediately knew he would get the look I wanted. His imagery is fresh, unique and he captures exactly what I want to remember from the big day. He traps the atmosphere, laughter and emotion of the people through his camera. I can tell he will suggest ways of making the day even more special and we will be on board!

The next step, Danny and myself met Luke (@yardandcoop for best Manchester chicken ever!) to discuss what he can offer. We even visited our wedding venue, as I was anxious about the lighting being in a dim industrial space. Here we shared ideas of how we can incorporate our surroundings, the old brick walls and even using coloured smoke bombs! We both felt at ease, Luke certainly knows how to use his surroundings and make each wedding unique. I feel I can throw our wedding day at Luke, give him full creative rein and he will produce imagery me and Danny will cherish for years to come.

Wedding photographer selected? Check!

One less thing to worry about! Now on to the dress..."

Lucy X


Some images from Lucy’s mood board are not her own, sources: 

Instagram, Luke Holroyd