Real Bride Diaries: He thinks you're perfect, because you are

No girl or in fact bride, should feel ashamed to show off their fabulous figure. Working in the fashion industry I am surrounded by all types of bodies, each unique, stunning and strong.

There is a reason why your partner has popped the question, and it's because those parts of you which you don't like, they find to be the best part about you. Whether you have a goal to loose a few lbs or to tone those buns, I will show you what classes I find give you that extra burst of determination to look stunning on your special day. 

After watching a few spin classes online, I loved the pace, the loud music and how effortless people make it look. Yes.. it looks effortless but I can confirm this class isn't for the weak hearted or weak legs! I signed up to a 45 minute class of non stop peddling. I admit I wanted to give up in the first 2 minutes.. I kept looking at the clock, praying it had malfunctioned (it sadly did not). 

However, after being in a room full of determined (and very sweaty) people this does rub off on you! I was tired but I was proud I lasted the full class and felt encouraged to keep at it. I would recommend this class for brides who want a hard workout, brace yourself and prepare for a sore bottom!

If cardio is not your strong point, then why not try a dance class? I am a lover of a good routine and pretending I am a Beyoncé backing dancer (who isn’t?). Zumba is such a fun class, especially if you have an energetic instructor! It’s a good way of incorporating squats, jumps and lunges into your gym session without even realizing! Turn the bass on loud and get ready to do a few dramatic hair flicks! 

Lifting weights is not just for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pumping some iron is great for burning calories and general toning. Don’t be afraid of being the only person unable to lift 20kg on your first try, this class is about personal development. I have been a few times and I am still on the lightest weights, but you definitely feel the burn from lifting and squatting. Most gyms offer pump classes which tend to be mainly women orientated, so you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by teams of muscle men.

Stay fierce, stay true and stay at the gym for an extra lap!

Oh, and if you ever want an excuse not to go the gym, try not to use the dog ate my trainers.. although in this case I can use it as an excuse to buy new trainers!

Lucy x