Real Bride Diaries: It Takes Two

It takes two (well three if you’re including the photographer, four if you’re including a pug)

All of my photos of myself and Danny are woefully trapped in my phone or online, with most of them being oddly angled selfies. I miss the days of having printed photos stuck on the fridge, where you can see everyone’s body from head to toe.

I jumped at the chance to book a pre wedding shoot with Luke, what a great way to see how the big day will run and collect a few shots (where you can see mine and Danny’s bottom halves).

And so off me, Danny and our cheeky pug, Wilson went! We wanted to capture our history together and thought where else but Manchester! This is where we met and where it all began. 

We started by walking Wilson by the canal, and the ideas Luke suggested were brilliant. Sitting on bridges, climbing on walls, incorporating interesting backgrounds and of course the all important pizza shot! (Rudy’s pizza in Ancoats is a must go folks, even Wilson thought so!). 

There was nothing which screamed “traditional wedding photography”. I wanted something unusual, current and fun!

After tucking Wilson in for his afternoon nap (he needs his beauty sleep), Danny, Luke and myself ventured into the city centre. Surrounded by graffiti, towering buildings and the crowds this was the perfect location to show who we are. We even took the opportunity to visit places where we had our first date and where we shared our first kiss.

I admit I was nervous how Danny would be in front of the camera but he was a natural ha ha! There isn’t a photo which fails to make me smile, each shot Luke has captured who we are perfectly. And every time I look they make me more thankful and excited for the big day! (Only 340 days to go, but who’s counting).

The pre wedding shoot has definitely made me more relaxed. Being an organised nerd, I always have to plan every little detail, but I know I can leave Luke to handle the entire day.

Our shoot will unquestionably make its way printed into an album, it’s too extraordinary to remain trapped online..

Lucy x