Capturing those perfect moments with just the Bride & Groom is my all-time favourite part of a Wedding. It takes time, experience and a lot of skill to perfect portraiture in photography and my approach has always been to capture natural & creative photographs of the Bride & Groom. 

Each week I will share one of my Wedding Images, sharing my tips on posing, how to encourage the couple with feedback and prompts and give an overview of my camera settings. 

Remember that each Wedding is different, I have a handful of posing ideas I use, each pose can lead to something different and unique. Capturing a perfect portrait is not always about posing, asking the Bride and Groom to kiss can lead to genuine laughter, that moment can create some of the best photographs of the day. 

NIKON D750 | 50MM SIGMA 1.4 ART LENS | 1/800 sec | ISO 250 | F 2.8

NIKON D750 | 50MM SIGMA 1.4 ART LENS | 1/800 sec | ISO 250 | F 2.8

I love this simple pose, and itโ€™s one that I use in most of my weddings as it's very simple to create and gives you fantastic results. To achieve a similar image, position your groom profile to the camera and ask the Bride to hug him from behind. To make sure the Bride's head doesn't become lost in the image, ask her to move her head so it is closer to the camera and just behind the Groomโ€™s front facing shoulder. 

For a second shot, move in closer and place more emphasis on filling the frame with the Bride and ask the Groom to look directly forward rather than at the camera. 

Do you have a favourite pose you regularly use? How would you frame this shot?