Who's working behind the scenes?

When I first took the step to launch Luke Holroyd Photography, I was faced with a daunting task of setting up a business. Could I have done it alone? probably not, I could create awesome photographs quite easily, but setting up a photography business was a whole other ball game. 

I was certainly doubting whether or not the task ahead was achievable. I not only had the headache of all the administration but also the financial mountain I was about to face. It's safe to say that without my partner Joanne, I wouldn't be sat here working for myself and creating these amazing blog posts. 

I always knew I could rely on Joanne for support but initially, I was determined to do everything myself. I'm glad I quickly revised that thought. Jo and I met at University, I was studying Photography and Jo was studying Education. She has always been involved in my image making and has now seen a small business grow into what Luke Holroyd Photography is today and my own skills develop too. But she didn't sit and watch, she put in a ton of input, money and support to the business. 

When we spend time away from our work, whether it be out for a meal or on a long walk or drive, we like to discuss the business and bounce ideas off each other. Jo challenges different aspects of my work which is essential in any business, It's always refreshing to receive a second opinion as it's so easy to become lost when you're self employed. How do you know the business is heading in the right direction? How does the outside world view the business? And how can I improve the service?

Luke Holroyd Photography is definitely not a one man band. Having a gorgeous girlfriend and friend working behind the scenes has pushed me to make Luke Holroyd Photography as successful as it currently is. Joanne’s encouragement and support makes me get up every morning and motivate myself to run this amazing business, her kindness melts my heart every day!

Do you have a person behind the scenes who offers you support and advice? I think every business should!