10 Things I Can’t Edit a Wedding Without

As a Wedding Photographer, I spend most of my working week editing the amazing Weddings I capture each weekend. There are several tools, apps and items I use on a daily basis that not only streamline my editing process but also keep me inspired through the editing marathons. 

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop 

Most fellow photographers out there will already use the brilliant Adobe Creative Suite for their editing process. Adobe Lightroom is the go-to software for me when it comes to editing my Wedding Photography. Lightroom allows me to do everything from Importing, organising my images, cropping, raw adjustments, removing blemishes and adding filters. I also use Lightroom to export the photographs for my clients and my website. 

The last few years I have found myself using Adobe Photoshop less and less, as Lightroom just keeps progressing, but it’s still a great piece of software to have in your armoury! 

Apple iMac & Macbook 

My main workstation consists of an iMac and two extra screens. I edit 80% of my Wedding Photographs in the home office but I also like to use the Macbook to edit when I’m travelling across the UK or I spend the afternoon working away from the office. I would recommend using extra screens if you use an iMac, having two extra screens allow me to run Adobe Lightoom, Photoshop and have a spare screen for notes, twitter or even a movie.

Scheduling Social Media 

If you read my recent blog post on ‘How I work as a Photographer & Blogger from Home’ you will already know that I schedule a lot of my social media when possible. Social Media is a must for creative businesses but it is also one of my biggest distractions when I’m editing in the office. If I'm not careful I can easily find myself spending 45 minutes reading through Facebook and Twitter, especially if one of my friends posts a great link or article. 

So I combat this by limiting how much time I spend on Social Media. I spend 30 minutes every morning creating posts for my Facebook PageTwitter AccountLinkedIn and Pinterest. 

Great Music & BBC 6 Music 

I love music and it really helps with my editing process. I often listen to a few albums a day and I’m also a big fan of BBC 6 Music. Some of my favourite artists I’m currently listing to are Foals, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Tame Impala and Chvrches . If you have any great albums I should be listening out for, feel free to bob them in the comments at the bottom of the post. 

Reliable External Hard Drives 

I will write a future blog post just on how I catalogue and back up all my photography, in the meantime, here’s a quick look into how I use External memory. At my desk always sit two hard drives that have my current edits and I also have two more hard drives that hold the original raw files which a stored away from the office. You certainly cannot be too careful when you are working with a couple’s once in a lifetime photographs. Make sure you do your research before buying external hard drives, read the customer reviews and ask established creatives in your industry which external hard drives they use. 

iphone Notes

One thing I use a lot is my note app, I used to keep a notebook by my desk but using notes on my iPhone allows me to add and update my notes anywhere at anytime.  I often take notes about certain editing processes I am using while editing or a new idea for the blog posts. 

My Day to Day Schedule 

As a Wedding Photographer working from home in Leeds, I always want to utilise and maximise the hours in the day. The past two years I have started working from home, it's taken a while but I now have a day to day schedule in place that helps me keep my productivity and creativity at a high level. My schedule is always being improved and this is a rough guide to my ideal working day from home, have a read of 'How I work as a Photographer & Blogger from Home' to view my schedule. 


You’re probably reading this blog post on my Squarespace website, and it’s what I run all my Wedding Galleries and Blog posts from. I’ve used a few website builders in the past and Squarespace comes out on top when you want easy to edit, all in one hosting and accessible content management. The most important thing for me is a website that is easily viewed on mobile devices and desktops and Squarespace’s responsive templates make it simple for both.


During the busy periods I usually have 3 or 4 Weddings sat ready to be edited. The clients receive their Wedding Images approximately 6 weeks after their Wedding Day. Using my online calendar helps me plan my editing strategy, keep me updated when I should be sending images to print and when I need to start adding the final touches to those all important Wedding Images. 

My Partner Joanne

Jo, is invaluable to my editing process, it's important to have someone else looking over your shoulder at your edits, they may suggest something different,  or even spot something you may have missed. Not to mention, Jo proof reads nearly everything that involves text and makes sure the USB I send to clients works correctly.. it's so easy to miss something if you are the only eyes seeing the finished product. 

Are there any other essentials you use when it comes to editing? Do you use a different editing software other than Adobe Lightroom?