Wedding Day Tips: Picking an Awesome Florist

Choosing a Date, Venue and a Photographer is one of the first things couples secure, from there you're usually looking to pick your florist to match your wardrobe and big day. Just like booking a professional photographer, my first bit of advice is to have a nosey at their previous work and make sure you really love what they do! 

Most couples who book me as their Professional Wedding Photographer, usually have a particular style or theme they're looking to create on their wedding day and it's certainly the same when you're booking a florist. If you have a certain look in mind make sure you're clear from the outset, if you're totally lost for ideas don't worry, florists are one of the loveliest wedding vendors and will help you all the way. All the florists I know personally, work with every couple to make sure they know exactly which colours, texture, styling you're looking for and everything else that makes for awesome bouquets on your wedding day. Just like booking your wedding photographer, make sure you arrange a few informal meetings with florists, get to know them, show them your ideas and make sure they really 'get you' and what you have planned. 

For most people a Wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, so when it comes to booking things such as Florists, Venues & Photographers you don't have any idea of prices. Flowers generally are not cheap, I know first hand the experience, skill, time and creativity needed by florists to create awesome bouquets and floral displays. Don't think those 'wild' looking bouquets will be cheaper, they involve just as much time and work from the florist. 

One great tip, which most Brides-to-be have already caught onto, is creating a Pinterest Board to save some of your favourite floral ideas. Pinterest is a fantastic way to hone in on what you truly love but remember a large majority of the images on Pinterest are styled photoshoots that feature seasonal flowers, so always make sure you have a few alternatives to show your florist. 

Lastly, when the big day arrives, consider if you plan to traditionally throw your bouquet, it isn't as popular as it used to be. Don't feel like you have to stick to traditions but if you do, it makes for awesome pictures. Many Brides choose to preserve their bouquet or give it away at the end of the night to their mother or grandmother. Always remember that your wedding day is all about sharing the day with the love of your life and surrounding yourself with your family and friends, the key is to make it the happiest day of your life and don't dwell too much on materialistic details!