Happy New Year, roll on 2016

I hope everyone has enjoyed the festive period and celebrating welcoming 2016 in style. I'm back working on the Creative Resources & Advice Blog and I cannot wait to continue last year's success.  I thought the first blog post of 2016 should let all the new readers learn a little bit more about the Creative Resources & Advice Blog, so even if you've been reading the blog for a few months, you may find something new out about the blog.

Whether you've received a shiny new Digital SLR camera for Christmas, you plan to start a small business in 2016 or you're just about to plan your wedding, there is certainly some content for everyone on the blog.

The Blog just Keeps on Growing! 

I created the Creative Resources & Advice Blog in October 2015 (wow, how quickly has the last few months gone?), the blog offers free advice to beginner and semi professional photographers, other creatives, small businesses and of course Brides-to-be.  Each week I post three blog posts, anything from how I pose the Bride & Grooms, Social Media tips for creatives and advice on picking the best Florist/Bridal Dress/Photographer and much much more!  

If you're just starting out in Photography or you need some tips for the creative industry, these are a few blog posts from last year that should help you get started: 

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The creative industry is packed with a wealth of knowledge and I certainly don't claim to know everything. I'm lucky that so many creative and business owners want to get involved with the blog. Over the coming months more and more professionals are due to get involved on the blog, there are some talented people and some seriously good advice and content coming your way! 

If you read the blog for wedding advice, I already have some brilliant blog posts to feature including 15 tips Brides say not to forget when planning your wedding. All this information comes from Brides I have captured over the last few years so they certainly know how to plan an awesome wedding! 

Finally.. who is Luke? 

If you're new to the blog you're probably wondering 'what's my story?', as you may have already guessed I'm a Professional Wedding Photographer capturing awesome and creative weddings across the United Kingdom and overseas. Aside from my photography, I'm also the main guy behind this Creative Resources & Advice Blog, I try and share useful information that will hopefully help other people out there surfing the web. 

I currently live in a small town just outside of Leeds with my partner Joanne, my days are mostly filled with editing amazing weddings and writing content for blogs. Alongside all the 'fun' stuff I run the business on my own so I spend a lot of time replying to emails, running the accounts and advertising the business.  

Get Involved 

So I'm ready to tackle 2016 and hopefully share some awesome content with you all. If you're new to the blog make sure you sit down and have a read through the past posts, they've all been written in the last 6 months so all the content is fresh!

I encourage everyone to get involved, make sure you ask questions, post your thoughts on the blog posts and drop me an email with any questions. If you have some content that you would like to feature on the blog, please share it with me and let others see it. 

Finally, if you'd like to follow me on social networks head over to FacebookTwitterPinterest & Instagram

What blog post did you most enjoy in 2015? What would you like to see more of in 2016?