Write! App — A must for Wedding Photographers, a simple text editor for distraction-free writing!

Write! is an elegant workspace to create notes, to-do lists, writing projects and texts of any kind. It has the all features of a good word processor packed into a clutter-free interface. I use Write! App daily for my wedding photography business, it caters for all my literature and text needs, like seriously it makes my blogging, client content literature and generic responses a doddle. I was looking for an app like Write! to come along for some time if I'm honest. I've always found myself in a confused mess of text documents and hand written notebooks with important information and then not being able to quickly grab the text I needed. I've only been using Write! for the last couple of months and I’m seriously only touching the surface with its capabilities, but here's a few reasons why it's perfect for wedding photographers and photographers alike!

Minimalistic Interface

Write! keeps what is essential for writing on top and hides all distracting and unnecessary features and buttons. A simple and user-friendly interface was designed especially for bloggers, writers and in my opinion, professional wedding photographers. When I sit down to write a blog post or create some future social media literature I want to solely focus on the task(s) at hand, the interface of WriteApp is perfect for this. Firstly you can jump from document to document and quickly scan through them like you would in an Internet browser with their simple tabbed interface. There's also Cloud-synced sessions which allows you to basically open a new interface, I personally have separate sessions for different categories i.e. Blogging, Email Responses and Social Media Literature... Save tabs together and open them all at once by switching the session. Secondly, you can fade out all paragraphs except for the one you are currently working on to stay in the flow and focus. Lastly you can choose from a Light or Dark theme, personally, I use the Dark theme, it's less strenuous on your eyes and looks bloody awesome!

Native Cloud & More

This has to be one of the best selling points for me, as a destination wedding photographer, I am constantly on my travels. I had a bad habit of locating my generic email responses by searching in my sent mail. Furthermore, I'm always writing new content for blogs and want to switch between devices (iMac, Macbook & iPad). With Native Cloud your documents are always at hand both on Windows and Mac, there are no third-party apps required to sync between devices. So if you're writing some new content or taking notes one device, you can access that on any other device through the cloud, it even autosaves as you type, you will never lose a very important document in the middle of writing. You can also store an unlimited number of documents at no additional cost. If you're not connected to the cloud or you don't wish to cross platform a document, you can save it locally.. the features are seriously endless with this app.

Note Taking

Now I bet you think I'm pulling your leg with this one, I mean do you really need an app to takes note? Well, I didn’t think so until I started using WriteApp. For every client meeting I go to, I have a note taking document open to jot down all the couple’s details, questions and plans. The compact view that moves tabs to the side to take less screen space. Works perfectly well with the Alt + ` shortcut that brings Write! instantly from the system tray.

Impressive Writing Aids

It goes without saying any good document/text creator needs the generic aids so Writing tools like configurable Autocomplete, Intelligent Spellchecker and Unlimited Ctrl+Z all come with WriteApp. The spellchecker works like any other and for someone who is terrible at spelling, good job I'm good with a camera, it's needed. The handy self-learning Autocomplete that analyzes the structure of your document and gives you options as you type is also a great asset to have, and it seriously speeds up your writing speed.


The full Write! experience is just $19.95 for a Pro subscription if you love the features, particularly if you’re looking for something to bridge the gap between restrictive free tools or other apps that don’t quite feel right for drafting medium or long form content. There's plenty of free and paid writing solutions out there, some may be better suited than others, but for me and my wedding photography, Write! works perfectly and doesn't break the bank! 


To find out more visit: www.writeapp.co